Ioana Maria Lupascu
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Ioana Maria LUPASCU

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Born in Romania in 1977, she started studying the piano at the age of four and she performs for the first time in public when she was six years old.  In the seventh grade of school she moves to Bucharest, in order better to study the piano at the Musical Highschool “George Enescu” with prof. Lucia Teodorescu. Besides studying and participating in various piano competitions, she performs in recitals-piano solo or chamber music-in different cities from Romania and some, abroad.


In 2000 she graduated the Conservatory of Music in Bucharest, then she continues her studies in Switzerland at Conservatoire du Lausanne -where she took the master in Virtuosity Level - but after 3 month  , she moves in Italy, becoming a student of the great pianist Lazar Berman at Accademia Europea di Musica. After graduating the three years Master in Soloistic Performances, she continues working with Maestro Berman until his death, in February 2005. The musical meeting with the great pianist helped her enrich her means of expression, her virtuosity, sound, and depth and Maestro Berman defined her “ beyond any doubt a soloist with huge tehnical and artistic possibilities .” In 2005 she moves back in Romania. She also worked with Valentina Berman, Dag Aschatz, Lucia Teodorescu , Luiz de Moura-Castro.

  Winner, finalist or prize awarded at different national and international piano competitions, among which: "Golden Lyre" Suceava, "Konzerteum" Greece, " Mihail Jora" Bucharest, the Romanian National Piano Competition, "Ferdi & Lili Statzer" Istanbul Turkey - where she was also awarded with the "Vedat Kosal" Prize and so on so forth. She didn’t feel attracted to competitioning and she started her carreer as a concert piano player.

 She performed recitals and concerts in Romania (where she played in front of almost all philharmonic orchestras: Bucharest ( Radio National Orchestra and Bucharest Symphonic Pops ) , Ploiesti, Bacau, Botosani, Cluj , Craiova, Tg. Mures, Arad, Iasi, Timisoara, Sibiu, Galati , Targoviste , Constanta, Satu Mare), Italy, Croatia, Lithuania, Belgium, Slovakia, Switzerland, Turkey, Spain, Maldives.

She was invited to various festivals and she shared the stage with famous artists and performers.  After a recital in Milan the musical critics reffered to her as “ a pianist full of virtyosity”.

In 2007 she played at the Atheneum Hall, Bucharest, at "Proms of Delight" – the Eastern Edition, and she performed at the International Theatre Festival of Sibiu, European Capital of Culture" alongside great personalities. Also in 2007, in the concert that opened the season 2007-2008 she was the first pianist ever to play with newly formed orchestra “Muntenia” Philharmonic Orchestra Targoviste.

She played with conductors such as: J.F. Antonioli, Ovidiu Balan, Brian Barker, Ken Carella, Valentin Doni, Leonard Dumitriu,  Mika Eichenholz, Dorin Frandes, I. Ionescu-Galati, Marius Hristescu, Walter Hilgers, Pietro-Ladislau Horvath,  Koichi Innoue, A. Iosub, Koichiro Kanno, Stefan Novak, Radu Postavaru, I.I.Prunner, Sabin Pautza,Gottfried Rabl, Petre Sbarcea, Tiberiu Soare, Florin Totan, Takiro Ueno, Winston Dan Vogel, Theo Wolters. She played together with great violinists such as : Ladislau – Pietro Horvath( Italy)  and Florin Paul ( Germany), joseph Rommel. 

Her official debut in Milan takes place in december 2005 for Societa dei Concerti at Conservatorio Verdi and in 2008 she was invited to open the season of Sala Puccini - Conservatorio Giuseppe Verdi , Milano . She played in other great halls such as: Teatro San Babila Milan, Atheneum Hall Bucharest, Radio Hall Bucharest.

 Since 2007 she is state soloist, the piano concert soloist of “Paul Constantinescu” Philharmonic Orchestra Ploiesti .

 In 2005, after the recital dedicated to the music of the Romanian composer, George Enescu, at the Festival “Romania: Traditional and Artistical Values" that is kept every year in Milan, she became Member of Honour of the "A.R.I." (Associazione dei Rumeni in Italia) Milan.

 In 2007 she releases  theCD – “Live Piano Solo”( Ed. Libris ) - with works by Bach-Busoni, Liszt, Rachmaninov, Silvestri Mendelssohn-Bartholdy and in 2009 “Piano Recital “ ( Ed. Casa Radio) with works by Scarlatti, Chopin, Liszt, Schubert, Skriabin, Rachmaninov, Bartok. Being interested to open to new repertories, she plays contemporary composers such as: Paolo Campanini, Kevork Andonian , Samer Hatoum , Saeed Sharifian , Luca Tieppo and less played concerts such as Liszt- Concerto Pathetique for pianoforte and orchestra and Addinsell- Warsaw Concerto. She often was asked to perform the premiere of a musical composition. In 2012: Black Flamingo and Adios Nonino (Luca Tieppo) for pianoforte and orchestra at Romanian Atheneum Bucharest, 2013- ZORRO Suite for pianoforte and orchestra and ANNA KARENINA concerto for piano forte and orchestra by Sergiu POBEREZNIC, KALEMAT Concerto for piano, horn and orchestra by Samer HATOUM, 2014- CHAUSSON- Double Concerto orchestrated by Victor SIMONOV for pianoforte, violin and string orchestra and Tangos orchestrated by Ioan Dobrinescu for pianoforte and string orchestra, a Rhapsody for piano and orchestra on folk theme LIE CIOCARLIE by Guy Bacos , Romanian Rhapsody no 1 by George Enescu orchestrated by Ioan Dobrinescu for piano and orchestra.

In 2011 she starts music - poetry shows with actress Daniela Nane and in 2012 classical music-flamenco dance shows SEDUCCION, followed in 2013 by "The piano that dreamed about flamenco" in Italy and in Romania. In 2014 she starts performing together with countertenor Cezar OUATU in different shows:"Musical Jewels" and "Jazz Cafe". And in 2014 she also starts her project PianoTango. 

In 2015 she is on tour PASCAL HARMONIES together with Daniela Nane .

In december 2012 she is invited together with violonists Romel & Victoria JOSEPH to perform for the International Human Rights Day in United Nations Palace in Geneva, followed by other performance in Paris.

 Besides music, her wide ranging interests include literature, and so, for three years, while living in Italy  she had been a correspondent journalist from abroad to a Romanian daily magazine, "Monitorul". In 2008 she releases her first non-fiction novel “ Printul Baghetei” ( Ed. Meteor Press ) and since 2009 she publishes cultural or musical articles for different national publications, from which the most important : QMagazine ( from 2011)..